Worship follows ancient Christian patterns, yet is situated firmly in Hawaiian traditions. Hymns, anthems, and prayers, are in Hawaiian and English. Scripture is read in Hawaiian; the sermon in English. Worship is fun and easy-going, although serious concerns of compassion, fairness, and personal relation with God are addressed.
Without Christian Education, the church could die out in one generation. Recent and high-quality academic research shows that young people will come to church, and stay in church if they are involved in many inter-generational ways. Education does not necessarily happen only in classrooms, but in everyday interactions and church activities of all kinds, with all ages.
Ministry & Mission

          ʻEkalesia Hawaiʻi Mua O Kapaʻa

Kapaʻa First Hawaiian Church In Kapaʻa

Experience Kapaʻa First Hawaiian Church

The Queenʻs Church

Queen Deborah Kapule

 Church Founder

Sunday Worship

10:00 AM

Adult Sunday School

As Announced 

Young Person's Sunday School 10:10 AM 

In the Heart of

Kapaʻa Town


Ministry and mission go hand-in-hand with worship and education.  The imperative is deceptively simple, but not simplistic.  The bottom line:

​"Love the Lord with all of your heart, all of your mind, and all of your soul.  And love your neighbor as yourself."

Kapaʻa First Hawaiian Church

Christian Education